Forget Me Not

UX Design

A two-pier communication platform that utilizes an eco-system of products to monitor and aid individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Through interviews, product research, user feedback sessions, and market analysis my team worked on improving the experience between Alzheimer’s patients and family members. Our team developed an eco-system of home monitoring products and a unifying app to be pitched as a partnership with Samsung Smart Home products.

IMG_0234 copy.jpg

The Problem

Elderly individuals prefer living independently because it’s a sign of good health and a liberator. Unfortunately, as they begin to develop Alzheimer’s they begin to forget how to execute everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth to remembering a family members name. This degradation diminishes their quality of life and results in the inevitable move to a care centre to have constant care.



What if a product for the home can improve the quality of life, and help gain a

greater sense of independence for seniors regardless of their specific living situation?


User research, interview notes, experience journey map.

Rudimentary Application Prototypes

Forget Me Not System

Team Composition

Mark Kalimin (Phone App), Drew Herrema (Room Visualizer), Katie Lu (Petal Pendant Tracker), Bennett Milborne (LED Prompted Kitchen Layout)